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In The Mood (Groove Me (Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge Remix) – Ian Pooley)

The night has yet to begin, or perhaps it is instead blending to the soft light of day. Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay work together to create this masterpiece of a remix to get you groovin’…

Groove Me (Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge Remix) – Ian Pooley

A Flashback Whomper (Cracks ft. Belle Humble (Flux Pavillion Remix) – Freestylers)

Alright party people, we hope you have your pants on because this blast from the past whomper is about to rip those suckers off! It still amazes us how quickly some songs come and go in the music scene we all know and love. Time is the true test, and if you can break out a banger like this a couple years later and still burn a whole in the dancefloor, we call it a keeper. Flux Pavillion dropping panties and jaws at the same time…

Cracks ft. Belle Humble (Flux Pavillion Remix) – Freestylers

Irie Vibes (Sun is Shining (Smoke out Dubstep remix) – Bob Marley)

Bob Marley is a legend. When it comes to remixes, let alone dubstep remixes, we are picky, very picky. Bob would be proud. Smoke Out nails this one, and we allow it!

Sun is Shining (Smoke out Dubstep remix) – Bob Marley

The rumor train (Lightning in a Bottle 2012)

Rumors. We love and hate them. They provide us with hope and excitement, and at the same time let us down when they are uncovered as false. The Do Lab just sent the AllowThat team an email regarding some artists to watch out for in the coming months, and fancy that, they help to run the greatness that is Lightning In A Bottle. They leave us with two artists to keep on the radar, R/D and Robot Koch. Our fingers are crossed that they land on the Lightning In A Bottle 2012 lineup released Tuesday March 13th…

Crushin’ (Somebody that I used to Know (Hyper Crush Remix – Gotye Ft. Kimbra)

Hypercrush…doing absolutely that, crushing it! The original Gotye was cool a few months ago, but this one is bringing it back stronger than ever….get out there and find the next person that you used to know…

Birthday Weekend

The crew at AllowThat is stoked to wish our good friend Trevor, or known to the clubbing crowd as Travis, the best birthday yet! We are honored to be considered great friends with this fine gentleman, and his wonderful taste in Read more

The Friday Dance

It’s Friday! Well, not technically, but since it is after 5pm on a Thursday, it’s pretty much the same thing. This calls for a dance…a remixed magic dance by Pumpkin!

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Feeling Blue

The 805 has been on fire lately with local talent. Today is no different with a new dubstep remix released by Santa Barbara’s own, Tyler Blue. Melt your face with his latest dubstep remix and jumpstart your insides, the weekend is looking for love and almost upon us!

Wonderwall – Killer Koala Remix

Dragged this one out of the basement for a revisit…Rhettro and I cooked this one up a while ago.