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Hau5 from the Mau5 (Factuals (Original Mix) – Deadmau5)

The Mau5 is out of his cage and making good things happen. While we all love to see a good live show, it is pretty rad to see music made before our eyes, and that is exactly what the Mau5 himself has been up to. As we speak the latest creation is underway at Deadmau5‘ live stream site. An epic dose of electronic music for your Friday shenanigans!

Ruthless Abandonment (Black Phantom (Original Mix) – Fukkk Offf)

Ever listen to a song and feel like you are taken to the most amazing party, only to be left on the curb once it is done with you? This original mix does just that. Fukkk Offf taking us on a wild ride, and enjoying every bit of this electro gold!

Black Phantom (Original Mix) – Fukkk Offf

Where is Molly?!? (Molly – Cedric Gervais)

A lot of buzz over a lady named Molly as of late. Madonna and Deadmau5 have been actively making a scene over this mysteriously beautiful woman, but the real question is, where is Molly? One man knows, and his name is Cedric Gervais. Cedric’s latest release, “Molly” is blowing up, and for a good reason too. Molly keeps one of the best party weekends of the year alive, and we can only guess that this is just a taste of what is to come from Cedric and the rest of the Spinnin Records crew!

The Plasmapool of Mord Fustang

New Mord. We could probably write something creative here, however the chances that you will actually read it is slim given that there is new Mord Fustang released off his EP today. So without further hesitation, get those ears covered with your favorite speaker candy, volumes to 11, and get to it!

Get After It! (Chasin’ (Original Mix) – Sander Van Doorn)

Daylight savings just weezeled its way into our lives and quite frankly if it hadn’t we’d probably still be chasing after it. If you’re anything like the crew here at AllowThat, then your pumped for some extra sunshine and the summer festival season rapidly approaching, get after it! Sander Van Doorn, in pursuit!

Chasin’ (Original Mix) – Sander Van Doorn

A Noble Idea (There and Back (Tommy Noble Bootleg remix) – Wolfgang Gartner)

It’s Friday, you’re making plans, cancel them. Tommy Noble at The Savoy. Doors open at 8pm, get there!

After Dark (The Night Out (A-Trak Remix) – Martin Solveig)

Martin Solveig and A-Trak, two masterminds in the EDM world. With both of them in the mix for Friday’s tunage, you know good things are going to happen! Kick your lame Friday workday in the a$$ and let’s get this weekend started before your lunchbreak, we’re taking the night out!

The Night Out (A-Trak Remix) – Martin Solveig

A little bit of both – (Analogital (Original Mix) – Marco V)

Analog or digital? Analog just so awesomely old school and digital just so sexy and new, what a tough decision…good thing you don’t have to. Marco V delivers this week’s tasty Tuesday treat!

Analogital (Original Mix) – Marco V

Working hard, or hardly working… (Andy’s Factory 2010 (Radio Edit) – Ketz feat. Anju)

We lag. Excuses we do not have…music we do. Why not get the party started back up at 11? Sometimes a shuffle setting is all it takes to uncover a Ketz flashback edit that in some ways seems to have inspired the coveted term, “banger”.

Andy’s Factory 2010 (Radio Edit) – Ketz feat. Anju