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A Dusty Mixtape (Revenge Of Whomp Massive – DJ Playaduster)

The crew over at Destination Burning Man brings a whomper of an intro to your epic weekend ahead. Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo and as if you needed an excuse to party, this mix should give you just that.

Featuring: Love & Light * Griz * Opiuo * Sunmonx * Sugarpill * Russ Liquid * Thriftworks * Chris B. * Gladkill * Kraddy * Pretty Lights * Jamie Woon * MartyParty * Vibesquad * Nico Luminous * Bonobo remixed * Goldrush * Bassnectar.

Stay dusty, friends!

Chill Oot (Even If It Isn’t Right (**Free Album Download**) – Michal Menert)

If Michael Menert is news to your ears, then you are in for a treat. Just released is his latest release, and fancy that, it’s free! Pretty Lights Music has released his album for free download here, and we would call it a sin if you failed to snag it. Keeping true to the Pretty Lights Music sound, Michal Menert provides that eclectic mix of electo, glitch, and the works, to offer sounds that encompass all that we could dream of….is it time for Lightning In A Bottle yet?? Groove vibes are sky high!

Viechierinka! (Antifa – Nuskulfunk)

Glitch is good, Nuskulfunk takes it and makes it bangin’! The crew here at AllowThat was only recently introduced to these fine gentleman and the glitchy dubstep they have been busy creating. Dubstep has been blowing up the scene lately with its transformer like mating sounds and Nuskulfunk provides us that and so much more with their blast of glitchy dubstep beats that has become their latest release, Antifa. Russians showing us how to get a real party started! Viechierinka!

For The Slackers… (Bill Bro Baggins – Opiuo)

If you are slacking from our little memo mentioned Here, then you should go on over here and get Opiuo’s latest EP, one very talented artist to keep an eye during this musical journey

Rainmaker (Crack Cakes (Moglii Collab) – Thriftworks)

Well, Mother Nature is making it rain today and while she is at it, so is Thriftworks with their latest album, which luckily for you is free for download. Some awesome sounds coming from Thriftworks these days, which are certainly going to reverberate through the EDM community in the year ahead. Enjoy!

Crack Cakes (Moglii Collab) – Thriftworks

The rumor train (Lightning in a Bottle 2012)

Rumors. We love and hate them. They provide us with hope and excitement, and at the same time let us down when they are uncovered as false. The Do Lab just sent the AllowThat team an email regarding some artists to watch out for in the coming months, and fancy that, they help to run the greatness that is Lightning In A Bottle. They leave us with two artists to keep on the radar, R/D and Robot Koch. Our fingers are crossed that they land on the Lightning In A Bottle 2012 lineup released Tuesday March 13th…