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Hau5 from the Mau5 (Factuals (Original Mix) – Deadmau5)

The Mau5 is out of his cage and making good things happen. While we all love to see a good live show, it is pretty rad to see music made before our eyes, and that is exactly what the Mau5 himself has been up to. As we speak the latest creation is underway at Deadmau5‘ live stream site. An epic dose of electronic music for your Friday shenanigans!

Where is Molly?!? (Molly – Cedric Gervais)

A lot of buzz over a lady named Molly as of late. Madonna and Deadmau5 have been actively making a scene over this mysteriously beautiful woman, but the real question is, where is Molly? One man knows, and his name is Cedric Gervais. Cedric’s latest release, “Molly” is blowing up, and for a good reason too. Molly keeps one of the best party weekends of the year alive, and we can only guess that this is just a taste of what is to come from Cedric and the rest of the Spinnin Records crew!

Cheese Please (Closer – Deadmau5)

Another sample just released by the Mau5. Seems he is up to good things these days, which we are all stoked about, given the recent news that he was getting pretty bummed out locked in the basement as of late. After listening to the following, he seems “Closer” than ever to blowing our minds even more, enjoy. Mau5 is in the Hau5!

Do the math

It’s Friday, and new Deadmau5 was just released. Do the math, it equals a great day…keep the dancefloors weird this weekend party people!