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Do the math

It’s Friday, and new Deadmau5 was just released. Do the math, it equals a great day…keep the dancefloors weird this weekend party people!

Birthday Weekend

The crew at AllowThat is stoked to wish our good friend Trevor, or known to the clubbing crowd as Travis, the best birthday yet! We are honored to be considered great friends with this fine gentleman, and his wonderful taste in Read more

The Mondays…


Monday’s are a strange day indeed. Wondering whether to come face to the fact that the weekend is over, or, get started with the next. With electronic music, it doesn’t really matter if you choose the past or present, because with bass lines leaking out your speakers, it frankly doesn’t matter.

New Wolfgang, get excited…

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Hello world,

At this time we feel it necessary to introduce ourselves and welcome you to the wonderful world that is Allow That dot com. The Dunkkle labs have been actively mixing and staying loyal to bringing you only the finest of the electric music scene.  Stay tuned for the greatness that is Allow That.  in the meantime, get funky with this one…

Shinjuku (Michael Woods Remix) – Funkagenda

We also have another gem, from Boys Will Be Boys. “We Rock”. And…enough said.

We Rock (Original Mix) – Boys Will Be Boys

Banging Friday

Well party people, the day is upon us!  Another beautiful Friday here in Santa Barbara, and what better way to celebrate than with a new womper from Hirshee…enjoy!

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