Ruthless Abandonment (Black Phantom (Original Mix) – Fukkk Offf)

Ever listen to a song and feel like you are taken to the most amazing party, only to be left on the curb once it is done with you? This original mix does just that. Fukkk Offf taking us on a wild ride, and enjoying every bit of this electro gold!

Black Phantom (Original Mix) – Fukkk Offf

A Scandelous Approach (G-String – SomethingALaMode)

Frenchies know how to party, and if you don’t believe us arrange for a night out with AllowThat’s very own Frenchman himself and see what kind of trouble you get into. Throw on your G-String and get your preparty on with this scandelous little gem From SALM!

G-String – SomethingALaMode

Beats Antique (Fox Theater, SF 3/30)

So a little late notice, but frankly, you should probably already have a ticket to this show in Oakland for tonight. Beats Antique has been blowing up these last few years and with some new twists on their already awesome world music and electronic style, they have been added to events such as EDC to make themselves known to the masses. Their latest release put out late last year hints towards the direction they are headed, and we couldn’t be more stoked, snag the free download and for your own good,, pick up the whole shibang while you’re at it!

If your slacking and reside anywhere near the Bay area, snag your ticket here!

Groove Magic (Home (Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Interstellar Mix) – M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade)

There is a reason that Booka Shade is on AllowThat’s A-list when it comes to electronic music. Their unique blend of underground electronic vibes and sounds, along with the infusion of jazz, rock, and other musical genres, allows their musical personality to influence the EDM community and certainly explains why Booka Shade was voted one of the world’s Top 5 live acts by Resident Advisor. Snag their latest release and get out and share that groove magic!

Ooooo ahhhhh (Pretty Lights – Ultra Music Festival 2012 live set)

Pretty Lights live…one of the most high energy dancefloors around. May not be the electro bangers we all know and love, but there is something about their live sets that just gets everybody infused with that awesome community atmosphere that EDM is known to infect us with. This set is no different and thanks to the fine folks at Press Play Colorado their live set from this past weekend is ready to awaken your ears on this hump day!

Viechierinka! (Antifa – Nuskulfunk)

Glitch is good, Nuskulfunk takes it and makes it bangin’! The crew here at AllowThat was only recently introduced to these fine gentleman and the glitchy dubstep they have been busy creating. Dubstep has been blowing up the scene lately with its transformer like mating sounds and Nuskulfunk provides us that and so much more with their blast of glitchy dubstep beats that has become their latest release, Antifa. Russians showing us how to get a real party started! Viechierinka!

Where is Molly?!? (Molly – Cedric Gervais)

A lot of buzz over a lady named Molly as of late. Madonna and Deadmau5 have been actively making a scene over this mysteriously beautiful woman, but the real question is, where is Molly? One man knows, and his name is Cedric Gervais. Cedric’s latest release, “Molly” is blowing up, and for a good reason too. Molly keeps one of the best party weekends of the year alive, and we can only guess that this is just a taste of what is to come from Cedric and the rest of the Spinnin Records crew!

Lucidity Festival, Live Oak Camp, Santa Barbara, CA – April 13-15th

“When we become lucid in our dreams, we realize ourselves as infinite potential, we let go of fear, and we are free to create that which we want to see in the world. Bring those visions, those possibilities, and that delicious conscious energy with you to Lucidity and wake up in the dream.”

With all of the awesome, yet similar festivals popping up for the summer scene, choices can get difficult. Luckily for us, amidst the beasts known simply as EDC, Ultra, and Coachella among others emerges the rejuvenating twist to your standard festival, this is the Lucidity Festival. For those of you that recall, Lightning In A Bottle, first began as a small intimate festival in this very same location. The experience and community vibe that is being created around this, could be bigger than the artists and musicians themselves.

With Burning Man tickets essentially gone, and LIB still a distant lover, this could prove to be one of the best decisions you make. Chances are you will come back with more than you left with. Free your mind and experience lucidity!

Ultra Music Festival 2012 (Joris Voorn live set)

Ultra Music Festival. If you missed it, well, that is a very unfortunate thing. The big names and headliners absolutely destroyed the main stage all weekend as expected, however it was some of those small fonts on that epic lineup poster that really proved to surprise us. Joris Voorn. You’ve heard the name, and hopefully you caught his Sunday session as he did not disappoint. We got our dirty little hands on his live set, however, the nine hour set he had in Trouw, Amsterdam this past December certainly does him justice and should hold you over as well on your Monday as the day starts to crawl!

Ultra Music Festival – Live Webcast (March 23, 24, 25 2012 Miami, FL)

Ultra. Need we say more? For those of you not fortunate enough to be getting your faces melted this weekend with just about every big DJ in the world, well, you now can party with all of us! Lock yourself in your parent’s basement with ample amounts of glowsticks and a few of your closest friends, and get your party on! This weekend is about to get silly!

Live webcast link