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Ultra Music Festival – Live Webcast (March 23, 24, 25 2012 Miami, FL)

Ultra. Need we say more? For those of you not fortunate enough to be getting your faces melted this weekend with just about every big DJ in the world, well, you now can party with all of us! Lock yourself in your parent’s basement with ample amounts of glowsticks and a few of your closest friends, and get your party on! This weekend is about to get silly!

Live webcast link

Go Big Or Go Home (Megaloud Toulouse (DJ Koni Mash) – Nicky Romeo vs Far Too Loud)

What did the mop say to the vacuum cleaner when it was jealous of the vacuums floor cleaning abilities???

Suck it!!! Oh this DJ Koni mash is a naughty one with no shortage of attitude!

Megaloud Toulouse (DJ Koni Mash) – Nicky Romeo vs Far Too Loud

Sensual Exceeder (dunkkle mashup)

Getting things started with this one.